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About Us

From the ground up!

We are Jump & Pump Tracks Australia.

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Our Story

Jump & Pump Tracks Australia aka Jump & Pump, was co founded by professional mountain bike athlete Ricky Crompton & motocross track builder Steve Metcalfe.


  Together we created Jump & Pump after realising we shared the exact same passion, work ethic & strong desire for perfection within the design and construction of asphalt pump tracks in Australia.

We share over 50 years experience in the construction industry, with Ricky previously working for one of the UK's leading and longest running Pump Track & BMX Track building companies Dirtworx BMX, during his career with Dirtworx BMX he was a project manager / plant operator and responsible for helping design and construct many Pump Tracks and BMX Tracks all over the UK including the world renowned Hope Pump Track.


Steve has been in construction his whole life as a carpenter, bespoke house builder and plant operator, using his combined skillset and passion for motocross Steve has designed & built numerous motocross tracks whilst travelling the globe racing with his son Brett Metcalfe who's one of the best motocross and supercross athletes in the world.

Our aim is to design and build bespoke high quality pump tracks and cycling facilities throughout Australia that cater for all ages and abilities.


We want to help facilitate the growth of action sports and active lifestyles within Australia.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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